Typographic Postcard

Brief for ISTD project at university. Create a typographic postcard based on a local news story.


The Lullaby 2001



Taken outside my bedroom window. 30 second exposure. Wish i didn’t have clouds in the way.


Direction, Design, Animation, Writing: Erica Gorochow
EP, Writing: Karl Sluis
Sound, Music: Michael Coffman

Feel Good – YCN Brief – Advert

So this is the final. The idea we presented our class at the Advertising and Branding Module.

Our idea was to have a Fruit Machine created for Feel Good. They can take this up and down the country to promote their drink. Had out free samples of the juice but we would also hand out over things as well. Such as Balloons, Photograph of cute animals spreading the feel goodness.

While Feel Good are doing this, we thought we could make this into our advert, showing the machine going through different cities and showing how people are happy from getting Feel Good Drinks.

We can also translate this into shops by decorating the Fridges in the style of the machine.

We also took it further, the Fruit Machine gave us the idea we can do more with Gameification and we could make apps for smartphones to help promote as well. The idea with the apps is once you collected a few tokens you can Feel Goof will donate money towards Charities. This will make you feel good.


Feel Good – YCN Brief – Development

So with our research over we had to move onto coming with ideas that would hit our target audience, make people feel good, get the drink well known and to sell more.

First was writing down what made us feel good.

We piled this all our ideas into genres. We also tried to do a reversal and think of what makes us feel bad. So that this drink could cheer you up.

We didn’t feel this was correct. Showing some feeling bad and then this magical drink could cheer them up. It was all a bit cheesy and felt we were lying to the customers.

We starting drawing ideas and we could make for our advert.

With a few we looked at the ones we liked and could expand on the idea more, with simple sticky notes and a small sentence to help explain how we would go further with the chosen idea.

Feel Good – YCN Brief – Research and Perosona’s

We started off doing some research, mainly about our rivals, We made up a list of the compeition. We put the logos down on a bit of paper and then asked some quick and basic questions. the competition:

  • Drench
  • Innocent
  • Just Water
  • Vitamen water


We asked some questions as well with the survey.

Why do you choose your choice?

What lifestyle do you have?

Is buying a healthy drink important to you?

A lot of the answers were really not surprising at all. The only thing that stood out was people didn’t take in that buying a healthy drink is just as important as buying a healthy meal. One the Feel Good drinks is at least 1 of your day.

So with some knowledge of why people don’t drink it and why they should we look at how we can people into drinking Feel Good. We also did an online survery: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZPZMPWB

What makes you happy? That is all we wanted to know if the survey and would help get ideas for selling you Feel Good.


I am still not the biggest fan of these but we had to do it. I just feel like i already know who we are trying to approach and this is just giving us more research infomation. Here is what we came up with. We are target 16-34 year olds with this drink.


Name: Gary


Studies: Politics

Gary is always busy with his coursework but in his free time he enjoys socializing with his friends, meeting new people, going to parties and keeping everyone happy. As well as his studies, his health is very important to him so he eats healthy meals, drinks lots of fruit juices and water and loves keeping fit by cycling, jogging and going to the gym.

Young Professionals 

Name: Louise

Age 25

Louise has graduated with an accountancy degree with honours and has got that dream job that she always wanted along with a good pay check! This is her first full time job since she has left university and her prospects are high. She has moved into a luxury flat in the city centre and loves to show it off to her friends whenever she has them round for dinner. She spends her free time shopping, going to the gym and reading a good book in the park on a sunny day.

Young Parents

Name : Sue

Age: 27

Sue is a full time mum living in the suburbs with her husband William and there 1 year old son Jack. Sue lives for her family and makes sure that Jack grows up to be big and strong by cooking healthy meals for her family everyday. She also enjoys showing of her culinary skills to her friends whenever she entertains as well as sharing baby stories with them.

Single but busy

Name: John

Age: 30

John is an electrical engineer who lives on his own in his bachelor pad in the inner city. He tries to be healthy apart from the occasional take away and a few pints with his mates down the local watching football. He would like to meet that special someone one day and pursues this by applying to dating websites.